spaceAgent architects offers UK wide specialised architectural services to assist clients in realising their new bespoke home with K-Haus, based on the KAMPA system.

Core programme for new family home:

  • Prior tasks – Land, Brief, Finishes, Financing
  • Month 0 – Design instruction (spaceAgent Architects)
  • Month 4 – Planning consent and construction instruction (K-Haus)
  • Month 8 – Delivery of new house (3 day installation)
  • Month 12 – Completion (internal fit-out and commissioning)

Main benefits over traditional construction methods at comparable cost:

  • Higher quality finishes
  • Near passiv house standard
  • Up to 6 months faster
  • Fixed price
  • Full warranties
  • Alternative completion levels (technical installations / turnkey)

Track record:

  • spaceAgent Architects has over 15 years of residential planning experience in the UK
  • K-Haus team has experience of over 25 prefab houses constructed in the UK
  • KAMPA is manufacturing over 500 houses per year in Germany for the European market

All enquiries welcome.

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