spaceAgent has been working on a great variety of projects and countries from inception to completion. We are currently working for private, commercial and institutional clients with typical contract sums of £100k to £5m:

  • Retail – Paperdress
  • High-rise – Carino Tower
  • Mixed-use – Whitstable
  • Residential – Mill Lane, Tonbridge Wells, Sycamores
  • Hotel – Heidgermuehle, Cas Catala,
  • Community – Kindergarden, Helix, teenhold
  • Place of worship – Synagogue

Projects range from feasibility studies to full implementation:

  • New build – Whitstable, Synagogue, Bandol
  • Refurbishment – Swiss Cottage. Hyde park apartment, 12 bedroom villa
  • Conservation – Balls Pond Road, Almeida Street, Heidgermuehle
  • Innovation – WDS, txxtur, renewable energy centre, On2go, Sponge, MAS

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